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Prototipando Projetos Para A Requalificação Do Distrito Criativo

Prototyping projects for the rehabilitation of the Creative District,,pt,promoted another meeting towards the redevelopment of the eastern sector of Florianópolis History Center,,pt,baptized region of Creative District by Movement,,pt,the event was held in the pre-incubator,,pt,Cocreation Lab do Centro Sapiens,,en,and it was mediated by the group,,pt,The meeting comprised a 'Prototyping Workshop "that aimed to result in ephemeral projects that will be implemented later to be deployed in regions already established,,pt,specifically,,pt,in the streets,,pt,Victor Meireles,,en,Saldanha Marinho,,pt,Tiradentes,,pt,Antônio Luz and João Pinto,,pt,The preparation of such projects,,pt,It was assembled students and teachers Product Design courses,,pt,Udesc,,pt,Design Graph,,pt

  • 20 de May de 2017

Neste sábado, dia 20, o Movimento Traços Urbanos promoveu mais um encontro em prol da requalificação do setor leste do…

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Centro Em Reforma

Center for Reform

  • 25 de January de 2017

There are almost three decades various interventions have occurred in the central areas of certain cities with the proposal to provide certain…

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