VIA Magazine

VIA magazine is an online institutional publication that diffuses themes related to innovation habitats, innovation and entrepreneurship, coming from the studies done by the VIA group, associated with the Federal University of Santa Catarina.

The publication of semestral periodicity is centered around a specific theme in every edition. Integrally produced by the research group, VIA Magazine publishes studies, innovation cases, interviews with professionals and other modalities of text, all of which form a hybrid with the journalistic elements and the scientific publications.

With this format, the intent of the publication is to disseminate with conciseness, reference and credibility the information and knowledge that can contribute to the development of existing innovative ecosystems.

The VIA research team works on the investigation, integration and sharing of knowledge on habitats such as parks, incubators, collaboration networks and ecosystems. By interdisciplinary vocation, there is an interest for the questions that interfere in the development of innovation habitats, starting with policies and legislatures in science, technology and innovation, innovative entrepreneurship , the exponential organizations and intellectual property.

Quick read:

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2) Completed references of the published articles are directed to the original documents, with links in the highlighted notes.
3) When available online , the publications that the magazine is based on can be accessed by the highlight notes. Just click and download.

Publicized Editions

cover-via-magazine Smart Cities: Como cidades inteligentes geram cidades sustentáveis.
Year 1 – N°1 – Sept 2016
“We embrace the concept of smart cities , as a way to present the environment in which innovation is a continuous process, that turns back to the entire community.”

capa-via-revista-2ed-mini Parques Científicos Tecnológicos e de Inovação: Novas configurações extramuros.
Year 2 – N°2 – Mar 2017
“The second edition of the VIA magazine includes themes such as Scientific Parks; Technology; Scientific Parks and Technology and Innovation Parks. This edition presents studies done by the Via group about definitions, services, legal configurations, communication and sustainability, in addition to articles with references on the subject”

capa-via-revista-3ed-mini Núcleos de Inovação Tecnológica.
Year 2 – N°3 – Nov 2017
“The NIT becomes an important channel for the constant demand for new solutions presented by companies and simultaneously connecting to knowledge holders (ICTs), which leads to technology transferring ”

capa-via-revista-3ed-mini Incubadoras: o que são e para que servem?
Year 3 – N°4 – Sept 2018
“One of the major and most traditional habitats to stimulate entrepreneurship in Brazil, the incubators support the creation and development of innovative businesses”

capa-via-revista-5ed-mini Inovação no Governo.
Year 3 – N°5 – dez 2018
Conheça as iniciativas voltadas para a inovação no Estado de Santa Catarina, e nas cidades de Florianópolis, Palhoça, Luzerna, São Paulo, Recife, Barcelona, Roma e Medellín.

capa-via-revista-5ed-mini Cidades Criativas.
Year 4 – N°6 – abr 2019
Na 6ª edição da VIA Revista, entenda o conceito de cidades criativas, saiba quais suas características e conheça uma série de boas práticas de territórios criativos nacionais e internacionais.

capa-via-revista-7ed-mini Pacto pela Inovação de Santa Catarina.
Year 4 – N°7 – dez 2019
Nesta 7º edição especial apresentamos o movimento Pacto pela Inovação de Santa Catarina, como surgiu, os participantes, os objetivos, bem como os desafios para a inovação no estado.

capa_via-revista_8ed Movimento Maker.
Year 5 – N°8 – mar 2020
A 8ª edição tem como tema o movimento maker. Na publicação, são abordados cases de makerspaces nacionais e internacionais, o movimento nas cidades e nas bibliotecas, resumos de artigos publicados sobre o tema, além de entrevistas exclusivas com pessoas que fazem a diferença no cenário maker.

capa_via-revista_8ed Inovação na Educação.
Year 5 – N°9 – dez 2020
A 9ª edição da VIA Revista aborda um tema muito discutido que se associa a inovação na educação. A Revista traz cases inspiradores de inovação na educação com de crianças, jovens e adultos.