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Innovation Environments Network SP

VIA Knowledge Center was on tour in São Paulo to know a little more about the Innovation Habitat in São Paulo and had a meeting with the Economic Development Secretariat, Science, Technology and Innovation of the State of São Paulo to address the Paulistas networks involving some innovation habitats in order to share and learn best practices between these environments. The meeting was attended by Beth Correira, Secretariat for Science, Tecnologia e Inovação; Margareth Leal responsible for the São Paulo System of Technological Parks; Andrea Correa responsible for Paulista Network of Technological Innovation Center; Batolla Fernando Jr. Network Paulista Incubators of technology-based companies and Yolanda Silvestre Network Paulista Incubators of technology-based companies.

In view of the design Innovation Habitats Strengthening, in partnership with the SDS and FAPESC, which seeks to achieve the implementation of 13 Innovation Centers in the State of Santa Catarina, the meeting provided great learning beyond the exchange of experiences and conceptual alignment with the realities of each Network.

The government of São Paulo created different networks in order to support, strengthen and encourage the establishment of new businesses and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in various sectors in the State.

Starting with the São Paulo System of Technological Parks (SPTec) which was created in order to offer support and assistance to the Technology Parks of São Paulo. Not been, They are at all 28 initiatives for the implementation of these projects is the Technological Park of São José dos Campos was the first part of the system. currently 12 Parks part of SPTec, being them : Sorocaba Parque Tecnologico, Parque Tecnológico de Ribeirão Preto, Piracicaba Technology Park, Technology Park Santos, Parque Tecnológico de São Carlos (ParqTec), Technology Park Botucatu, Campinas (four initiatives: Center of Research and Innovation at Unicamp, CPqD, Technology Center of Information and Renato Archer Techno Park), Technological Park of São José do Rio Preto and Technology Park of Santo André. There are still seven initiatives with provisional accreditation and eight other trading.

Already Paulista Network Technology Innovation Center – RPCITec, It aims to support the dissemination of the culture of innovation in the municipalities through the Innovation Center facility – environments that aims to boost growth and competitiveness of micro and small enterprises through technological advance, through labs, providing technological support services, check products and processes, among others.

Currently the State of São Paulo has 42 initiatives to implement centers: Americana, Araraquara, Atibaia, Barueri, birigui, Caçapava, Monte Alegre Campina, capon Bonito, Catanduva, Intermunicipal Consortium of Paranapanema Valley (Civap), two Streams, Zumbi dos Palmares, Fernandópolis, Franca, egret, Guaruja, Guarulhos – Schedule, Indaiatuba, Brazil Institute of Architects, Scientific and Technological Institute of Cosmos Environmental Development, Ita, itapetininga, Itapeva, That, jaboticabal, Jacarei, Jales, Jundiaí, lime, Lins, Marilia, Mauá, Mogi das Cruzes, Monte Mor, Big beach, Presidente Prudente, Registry, Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Sertaozinho, Socorro, tatuí, votuporanga.

The Paulista Network Incubators Technology Based Companies – RPITec's main objectives are to support, strengthen and stimulate the implementation of new projects in the state, thus integrating incubators promoting information exchange between initiatives and exchanges with development agencies to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Por fim, Paulista Network of Technological Innovation Centers (NITs) – RPNIT, It aims to support the implementation, the strengthening and institutionalization of NITs in Scientific and Technological Institutions (ICTs) of State, as well as policy formulation for commercialization of technologies developed in state institutions of São Paulo Research.

With all this information, VIA managed to exchange knowledge Network, bringing important luggage to Santa Catarina so that we can further contribute to the implementation of the Innovation Centres in the state and show the importance of a collaborative Network.



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DECREE No. 60.286, FROM 25 MARCH 2014:

Establishes and regulates the Paulista Innovation System Environments - SPAI and gives related measures


São Paulo System of Technological Parks (SPTec):


Paulista Network of Technological Innovation Center the RPCITec:


Network Paulista Incubators of technology-based companies:

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