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Hackathon #Desenvolve SC and its consequences

O Hackathon #Desenvolve SC We have had many developments. The initiative of the UFSC, through VIA Estação Conhecimento e do LOGO, e do CIASC with support from SDS and FAPESC It was performed on days 16, 17 and 18 of setembro of 2016. With only one month of events have been held many connections between the formed teams and potential investors.

Check out some of the main news which shows that the event provided that the new initiatives are closer to society:

The Secretary of Economic Development Palhoça, Marcelo Fett, He met with the president of CIASC, Luiz Antonio Costa Silva, and the Polar team with the purpose of the meeting was to evaluate the implementation of the Award Application Note in the city.


SOSurdo must integrate with Fire Department for cases such as car accidents, Fire and rescue.

In order to explain the results of the event, the CIASC promoted a meeting of mentors to present the event indicators and next steps. The network of mentors is formed in Santa Catarina and with it many other actions may be undertaken.

See how was this time:

No último dia 19 September was performed awards the best initiatives. The teams went to CIASC applications and will soon have three products that will help the community!!! The event took place in the auditorium CIASC in Florianopolis, the opening was attended by the speech of the President of CIASC, Luiz Antônio da Costa Silva, emphasizing the importance of Hackathon for the government, institutions and the population, reinforcing the need for everyone to work together to achieve a new stage, opening the CIASC to the gym and for companies.

Following was the final delivery of applications developed during the Hackathon which was held on 16, 17 and 18 of setembro of 2016, on the dependencies of CIASC. The winning teams had the term 30 days from the event to work on their projects and realize a viable product according to the event announcement.

Starting with the Team Mané Market Vendor, who made a brief presentation of your application "Let the Fair?”, showing the developed screens and the possibilities offered, the team ranked third in the event and the award ceremony, He was invited Mr.. Moacir Marafon, entrepreneur Softplan, who made a short speech, encouraging the continued holding of similar events and congratulating the team.

Second place went to the team Polar that continued the event by presenting the application “Award in Note“, one gamification in order to promote tax awareness and financial education of citizens, It demonstrated the necessity and carried out solution. To deliver the award was named Mr.. Ivo Mizi Luiz Engineering.

Finalizing the ceremony the team hack Soft presented the “SOSurdos“, application designed to help deaf people to call emergency assistance, for delivery of the prize of first place in the event, It was named Mr.. Alexandre de Souza, commercial director of Neuron Consulting.

Confirms it was the awards event in full!

Soon the application will be made available to society,pt. Wait!!!!!

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