The second edition of the VIA magazine includes themes such as Scientific Parks; Technology; Scientific Parks and Technology and Innovation Parks. This edition presents studies done by the Via group about definitions, services, legal configurations, communication and sustainability, as well as reports with references on the subject.

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To make knowledge tangible and useful for society and to connect people .


To promote transfer of knowledge between university , enterpreneurs , Government and society, through education, research and extension, seeking synergies for a collaborative work in our network..


To be a national reference at research in areas related to Innovation Habitats..

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Percorra Cinco Continentes Sem Sair De Florianópolis

Percorra cinco continentes sem sair de Florianópolis

O Instituto Maratona Cultural é uma entidade privada sem fins lucrativos, e tem por objetivo realizar ações…

Centro Sapiens: Boa Prática Urbana

Sapiens Center: Boa Prática Urbana

O Centro Sapiens foi uma das dez iniciativas reconhecidas como “Boa Prática Urbana” pela Comissão…

Os Planos De Desenvolvimento Territorial – Bogotá Em Foco

Os planos de desenvolvimento territorial – Bogotá em foco

A série Via na Colômbia apresenta como o país dos indicadores transforma a realidade de…

Os Dados Abertos Da Colômbia Para A Transformação Social

Os dados abertos da Colômbia para a transformação social

A série Via na Colômbia apresenta como o país dos indicadores transforma a realidade de…

Collective actions to qualify public spaces in Florianópolis.

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Innovation Habitats around the world

Innovation habitats have shown significant results in the international sphere , being considered by government agencies as positive instruments of public policies for regional development . They are also appreciated and valued by the companies they are associated with, and along with the startups movement , several habitats gain prominence . In order to share VIA’s knowledge in an interactive way , the map below provides a trip around the world covering the various innovation habitats .