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UN-HABITAT defines New Urban Agenda with selected projects

The unrest surrounding the development of cities in modern times has encouraged the study and implementation, in different sectors, measures and procedures that contribute to the emergence of new proposals that seek to monitor and integrate the conditions of operations critical elements that make up a city, acting preventively for the continuity of its essential activities, improving the conditions of service and the quality of life of citizens.

Suitable for this, discuss cities, So, It has become a highly relevant topic, in view of this, in October 2016 organized by UN-Habitat, there was a meeting between world leaders, meeting that culminated in the adoption of Nova Agenda Urbana, document defines the steps to ensure sustainable urbanization in the next 20 years of the Brazilian scene, with proposals promoting the creation and respect of an urban legislation, careful planning conception and design of cities and development of a financing plan to raise the resources needed to promote this modernization.

In this context, action developed called Public Call which also has the support of the Ministry of Development of Spain and has the participation of FLACMA Mercociudades and the Latin American and Caribbean Forum on Best Practices, sought between the dates of 21 de novembro de 2016 à 16 de dezembro de 2016, through a form that had 33 specific issues, projects that address sustainable urban development and proposes to recognize institutional practices of success that echo the guidelines set out in the Global Compact.

After Analysing 146 entries 16 países, the evaluation committee selected four winning projects in Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Puerto Rico, the countries sending more indications were Brasil, Mexico and Colombia, logo, a technical committee composed of members of different organizations and experts in various topics of the region selected four projects, que são:

  • Projeto ENLACE Caño Martín Peña, appresented pela Confiança Tierra del Caño Martín Peña, San Juan, Puerto Rico. The initiative seeks to recover a degraded area through comprehensive and equitable development of eight communities (30.000 people) in informal settlements of citizen participation and public-private partnerships. The project also seeks to overcome poverty and to regularize land ensuring adequate housing and not offset by the increase in land value.
  • Plano Integral Neighborhood Improvement Periféricos Cuenca, presented by decentralized Municipal Autonomous Government of Cuenca, Ecuador. The main objective of the project is the overall improvement of habitat in ten vulnerable and suburbs prioritized city of Cuenca.
  • spaces sweetness: Conservation and Natural network in neighborhoods that integrate nature into life in the city of Curridabat, Costa Rica. The main objective is the natural conservation of installation and urban activity by creating neighborhood centralities networks that integrate nature into the lives of communities. This includes the renovation of existing public spaces and the design and construction of new complementary areas and networks from the work of multidisciplinary teams and participatory processes with the beneficiary communities.
  • O Strategic Master Plan of the Municipality of São Paulo, presented by the Municipal Department of Urban Development of the city of São Paulo Plan. The new EDP will make São Paulo a more human city and more balanced, approaching employment and housing. The plan guides the development of the city towards the social balance, environmental and economic, increasing the population's quality of life.

The four projects selected will be systematised as case studies and referenced as ambassadors of the principles of the New Agenda Urban, UN-Habitat together with its partners will promote the dissemination of these projects as inspiring examples in promoting good urban planning!

moreover, four projects received honorable mention. Or housing program “Social Development Community in Soacha Homes” (Colômbia); “Building Communities for the rule of law to the Integrated Project” em Cochabamba (Bolivia); “Families with urban recycling with tutors Rentals”, Buenos Aires (Argentina) e Rachel de Queiroz Linear Park, Fortaleza (Brasil).



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