Empower yourself to undertake!

New Year…. new plans!

How to take a lot of work demand, VIA gives some tips to enable you without spending anything!

SEBRAE offers two courses in distance mode. simply register and attend!

undertake (06 horas) –> Learn about the characteristics of successful managers and learn how to develop behaviors that ensure survival of your company.


  • cognitive dimension: know the concept of entrepreneurship and the importance of entrepreneurial behavior to success in running a business
  • attitudinal dimension: identify the entrepreneurial characteristics required for a management that favors the competitiveness if your company
  • driving / operating size: assess their own behavior to identify the entrepreneurial behavior of features that need to be developed

Starting a small and big business (30 horas) –> Meet principles, fundamentals and entrepreneurship practices that assist in preparation for the opening of business.


  • Knowledge about what and how to start a new business
  • Business understanding as a process
  • Notions of products and services with the quality required by the market
  • Tips on entrepreneurial behavior that can boost the project to success
  • Techniques for preparation of market research, that will enable greater knowledge of customers, suppliers and competitors
  • Orientações para a construção de um plano de negócio para os pequenos empreendimentos


Aproveite e venha para o mundo do empreendedorismo! 🙂


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Equipe de pesquisadores com foco na transformação do conhecimento de forma tangível e utilitária para a sociedade, governo e empreendedores, through education, research and extension. Atuamos de forma colaborativa e em rede, conectando pessoas e organizações ao nosso propósito.