VIA receives Ministry representative to visit Argentina

On the 18 and 23 de outubro de 2016, Via Knowledge Center received the Science Director of visit, Technology and Development and researcher Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation from Argentina, Alejandro Ramon Herrera. Its passage by Santa Catarina aimed to analyze some of the innovation habitats, especially Sapiens Park.

At the meeting with VIA staff issues were addressed involving the themes of habitats and their applications. Also, there was the exchange of good practices between Brazil and Argentina, their similarities and challenges to be studied and understood in fact.

Herrera cited Florianópolis as strong technological and innovative scenario in the state of Santa Catarina and spoke of the concern about the relation of applicability to scientific research and its importance to regional development.

VIA presented projects and studies that are being developed by the group and offered tour of the Sapiens Park, showing the agents present in the habitat.

With the visit are being lined up international partnerships with the Argentine universities and other government agencies. News coming soon!

Check out the exclusive video Herrera left VIA:


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