VIVA O 22 @!

More than a project, A reality: or inspiring model is completing 22 @ barcelona 15 anos de existência!

With a real high potential and public investment 200 million euro infrastructure plan, over the years the 22 @ is shaping a new identity to the old textile district located in Poblenou (Barcelona), through a process called urban revitalization. The primary idea was to create a compact smart city, with a mixed and balanced model, where live productive spaces, villas and green areas, allowing, the area became an interesting place to live and work. Currently the Poblenou neighborhood is recognized as an innovative district offering a range amount of education-related services, criativity and innovation.

Did you know that many Brazilian initiatives for urban regeneration was inspired by the 22 @ Barcelona?

that's it. Many Brazilian projects were inspired by the most important urban transformation model Barcelona city in recent years and one of the most ambitious in Europe! Like for example:

O Case Centro Sapiens (Florianópolis): project with the expectation to generate a sector strengthening environment in the capital of Santa Catarina and its region, because it has contributed to the city will develop continuously, before the hard work for the development of the creative economy and the revitalization of the historic center of Florianópolis;

O Porto Digital (Recife): considered one of the main environments of innovation and technology in the world to exercise the urban revitalization process accelerated rate in urban terms, real estate and recovery of historical heritage of the historic district of Old Recife and Santo Amaro;

The project porto Maravilha (Rio de Janeiro): It stands as one of the largest projects in Rio de Janeiro, because due to the global competition to host the Olympics 2016 and matches played in World Cup 2014, there was the intention to turn the area into a new city growth vector, since the port receives thousands of tourists and the region has numerous points of historical and tourist interest;

About Polo district C (Porto Alegre): It aims to promote and stimulate economic conversion, improving the quality of life and the qualification of citizenship site, giving particular emphasis to the questions: urban structure, meio ambiente, economic promotion and city production.

Here you can check out the post we did about our Tour Barcelona!

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