VIA conducts extension activities to the community, entrepreneurs and Government. Follow our events marathon, check in at Estação Conhecimento and tune in our VIA channel .

Check out some of the VIA actions:


Hackaton is a challenge that proposes the creation of a technological solution (app), with open code. VIA maintains its own methodology for development of Hackathon and does annual editions with strategic partners. Click here to check out the Hackatons organized by VIA.

Startup Weekend

VIA supports various events with a focus on startups. One of them is the Startup Weekend, that looks to stimulate entrepreneurship culture and optimize the experience of creating a company in 54 hours with support from mentors. Learn more about it!

Innovation in Education Meeting

Incentivized by the challenge to modify the quality of education in Santa Catarina , various institutions have gotten together to co-produce this important discussion space: the "Out of the Box Education". Forming the triple helix of innovation - government, industry and university , these organizations, each one in their own perspective, have worked hardly for the inclusion of innovation in the class room. Learn more about it in the Out of the Box Education site, or check out the posts by VIA!

Innovation Habitats and Entrepreneurship Circuit

VIA periodically organizes and promotes the Circuit in different cities in order to promote the culture of entrepreneurship and demonstrate the potential of different types of innovation habitats for the development of regions. The circuit is held in the form of a panel with the presence of three experts in various subjects, with mediation for public participation. Follow our Calendar and make yourself available for the circuit!

VIA Cycle

VIA Cycle is an event that involves themes such as smart cities and social innovation. With focus on the surroundings of the location, the event looks for the involvement of various stakeholders such as residences and local entrepreneurs , local leaders, high schools, innovation habitats, municipal and state government . See what's been done by VIA here!

Fail Talk

With VIA's methodology, Fail Talk seeks to demonstrate the difficulties entrepreneurs faced that led to the failure of their business. Not only focusing on what went wrong, Fail Talk looks to demonstrate which strategies were utilized by entrepreneurs to turn the game around. See the conversations that have happened at VIA!

Pit Stop

VIA makes strategic stops to help partners in the development of events. Follow our Calendar, know where we are and make a Pit Stop seeking for knowledge!

Take a ride

Seeking for knowledge, VIA members take a ride and participate in various events. Follow our Calendar and take a ride!

Urban Traces Movement

Urban Traces is a movement that seeks the rehabilitation of public spaces of Florianópolis through actions that aim at improving the urban culture of the city and the quality of life of its inhabitants. VIA is a partner in this initiative! Join us!

Citizen Monitoring Network

The Citizen Monitoring Network, acts in the scope of Emerging and Sustainable Cities (CES), seeks to accompany , monitor and evaluate the actions of the County of Florianópolis in direction to urban sustainability . VIA is part of the Managing Committee and is in the vice-presidency. Learn more about it!

Global Network of Entrepreneurs Florianópolis

The Global Network of Entrepreneurs (RGE) is a group of programs and initiatives destined to empower the global entrepreneurship ecosystem by using connections between agencies and organizations that are holders of knowledge and that instigate entrepreneurship! Here in Brazil, RGE is coordinated by Endeavor, with various partners like Anprotec, Santander, Sebrae, among others. In Florianópolis, VIA is the leader and is part of the local committee . Follow us on Facebook or click here to see what VIA has done.

VIA Generation

VIA develops various types of educational resources embracing the following themes: smart cities, creative cities, sustainable cities, entrepreneurial mind, startups and innovation habitats. Learn more about it clicking here!

Learning Route

Learning Route will provide knowledge on the main issues related to innovation and entrepreneurship. Enter the Route by watching our channel!

Paths to development

Paths to Development will show how people and organizations are changing the situation in the regions with actions based on innovation and entrepreneurship and supported by innovation habitats. Follow the Paths to Development!!

Passing through VIA

Passing Through VIA portrays the partners who had connections with the actions of VIA Estação Conhecimento. . Follow who passed through VIA!

The entrepreneur's journey

The entrepreneur's Journey comes to motivate the entrepreneurship and innovation through entrepreneurs stories, from the idea to the success. Get inspired with successful entrepreneurs’ journeys and make the same path in search of your dreams!

Innovation Habitats in Scene

Worth the trip

VIA prepares a video for each location that should be on the travel route of entrepreneurs and innovators. Check out what's worth the trip, schedule your tour and tell VIA!!

Travel diary

VIA prepares a trailer video recording the most important events of our partner’s trips who have gone through important places that inspire entrepreneurs and innovators. Inspire yourself for an unforgettable trip, Take tips, travel and make your own trailer.

Sapiens Center

Center Sapiens is a project for the revitalization of the west of the historic center of Florianópolis, turning it into a living and a dynamic space. Using public and private initiatives, Sapiens Center aims to transform the zone into a hot spot for tourism innovation, gastronomy, art, design and technology. Learn more about it!

Co-creation Lab

Co-creation Lab is the pre-incubator of Sapiens Center with a focus on entrepreneurs from Creative Economy, selecting projects in the field of technology, design, art, tourism and gastronomy, evaluated on criteria and grading by a commission . Click here to learn more about it!

Innovation Habitats Museum

To implement a museum with a focus on innovation habitats to promote knowledge and reflection, preserving the communication and the expression of these spaces seeking to reinforce the possibilities of insertion of the people connecting innovation, entrepreneurship and culture. Check out more about the Habitats Museum here!

Theater of Knowledge

The Theater of Knowledge democratizes access to knowledge through films and documentaries to disseminate the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. Follow our Calendar!


VIA periodically makes a tour in various innovation habitats. Follow our Calendar and participate!

Open Park

The Open Park involves society on a visit at the Sapiens Parque, an innovation park in the north of Florianópolis. Schedule your visit!