In a knowledge sharing movement, , VIA provides several maps for you to explore the themes of Innovation Habitats , legislation, ecosystem and innovation in education.

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Around the world covering Innovation Habitats

Innovation habitats have shown significant results in the international sphere , being considered by government agencies as positive instruments of public policies for regional development . They are also appreciated and valued by the companies they are associated with, and along with the startups movement , several habitats gain prominence . In order to share VIA’s knowledge in an interactive way , the map below provides a trip around the world covering the various innovation habitats .

Brazilian ST&I Legislation Map

An important dimension for Brazilian reforms in Science, Technology and Innovation is related to its legal framework 2016 which was updated in 2016 13.243 with Law number 13,243 of 11 January 11 2016. Other important development of the Federal Law is precisely the establishment of legal frameworks in state and municipal levels, but in order to facilitate society access it needs an interactive, theme-focused environment. Thus, the map of Brazilian ST&I Legislation &presents the national panorama, facilitating consultation and sharing of knowledge in order to democratize access to information.

Santa Catarina’s Innovation Ecosystem

The map presents the actors of Santa Catarina’s innovation ecosystem which act on the challenges linked to the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship. The Secretary of State for Sustainable Economic Development, the Foundation for research and innovation of Santa Catarina State (FAPESC) and the Federal University of Santa Catarina, through VIA, act so that this ecosystem organizes for the development of actions related to Science, Technology and innovation. Technology and Innovation. Displaying these actors is another action of integration which identifies and enables the ecosystem’s activation.