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In February the VIA team was present in Chile to conduct visits to innovation habitats and the country's entrepreneurship!

Of course we could not miss the famous Start-Up Chile! Jaime Pacheco led by – financial officer were inside story and the activities carried out by the Start-Up Chile.

O Start-Up Chile (SUP) is a business acceleration program created by the Chilean government for high-potential entrepreneurs to leverage their startups and use Chile as a base. Hoje, o Start-Up Chile é o principal acelerador da LATAM, between the 10 the world's best and one of the largest and most diverse communities in the world of startups.

After its creation, 50 countries followed suit and created similar programs. The Start-Up Chile emerged in the year 2010, being a government program, and with financial support and implemented by the Production Development Corporation (CORFO) to develop innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in the country. Your goal is creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem strengthening human capital, attracting Chileans and foreigners who have ideas to solve global problems, but with local focus (not Chile). One of the SUP challenges is to change the mentality of Chileans who are conservative and thus focus their actions mainly on commodities, leaving to explore and / or strengthen other markets.

As capital development program, the Start-Up Chile provides the perfect environment for strengthening startups. Among the possibilities, the program offers the assistance of mentors, capital contribution (more or less $40 One thousand dollars), coworking space and a network of global contacts. With the program you can have an entrepreneurial ecosystem and this causes them to generate more capital, work and consequently the need arises to innovative new environments.

O Start-Up Chile It has 3 various programs, being them:

  • THE S FACTORY: develop selecting group (entre 20 the 30 startups) which has business plan but has not yet prototype. Startups receive capital of approximately $15 One thousand dollars. One difference is that for this program there is need to have a woman in the group.
  • SEED: is the oldest program, or group (80 the 100 startups) already starts with the business plan and prototype. Receives capital of approximately $40 One thousand dollars.
  • SCALE: developed to help existing businesses (15 startups) receiving around $90 One thousand dollars.

The programs are conducted twice a year semi-annually and the selected start-ups should remain in Chile for at least six months, to strengthen your business.

As data passed by Pacheco, since the creation of Start-Up Chile over 51% startups are working, generating a formal valuation 1,35 billions of dollars.

Between 2000 and 2016 the developments of Start-Up Chile sold 42,6 million in Chile and the world this number reaches 233,4 million dollars!

Project results can be found at:

The channel Start-Up Chile no youtube–>

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