Samba Tech is among the 250 more innovative as Global Top 250

A editorial e advisory board, together with Sunrise [Silicon Valley] announced the winners of the first competition Global Top 250 considers that private companies that are changing the way we work!

As empresas do Top 250 They are working with innovations and disruptive business models in areas such as media, entertainment, finances, cloud (infrastructure and services B2B), saúde (including devices), educação, machines (robots, drones and electric cars), food and recycling, varejo (consumer goods and services), internet of things and industry sectors.

As empresas Top 250 Global are selected based on a set of criteria:

  • founders and management team
  • innovative edge
  • target market size
  • category leadership position
  • projected growth, financing and exit strategy

Winners Top 250 They will be honored at Sthe annual Sunrise [Silicon Valley] Festival produced by San Francisco Bay Area. O Festival It brings together the brightest minds and best entrepreneurs, investors and business negotiators Silicon Valley.

The complete list you find on the site

The Brazilian Samba Tech It is among the 250 empresas! Confira!

Samba Tech takes care of the entire infrastructure to ensure that your video touch, quando, como, where and how you want.

Company Awards:

Company of the Year –> Sucesu Mines

50 companies watch –> Alwayson

More innovative under 35 anos –> MIT Technology Review Brazil

Most Innovative Companies in Latin America –> Fastcompany

Global 250 Top Private Companies –> Alwayson Saas and Enterprise

Onhollywood 100 Top Private Companies –> Alwayson

LIDE Entrepreneurship Award –> 4º Forum of Entrepreneurs

Brazil Startup Awards –> The next web

Global 250 top private companies –> Alwayson categoria to watch

36Th best company to work for you & telecom –> Great place to work®

joseph Prix coast –> Daily trade

Risingstars –> Chinict

Top 100 north america américa –> Red herring

successful entrepreneur –> Small big business companies and aims

Award finep innovation –> Ministry of Science and Technology

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