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ANPROTEC Conference – terceiro dia

Marked by very networking the ANPROTEC Conference reaches its last event day, having pending only the technical visits will be held on tomorrow in Fortaleza innovation habitats!

Morning business social impact and innovation environments were presented: functions and challenges.

On the afternoon we were presented challenges in the consolidation of new spaces and mechanisms for generation of innovative enterprises.

To close, Josep Piqué contextualized that the source of innovation of small and medium enterprises are the entrepreneurs and what needs to be done is the CONNECTION between the two. Piqué also believes that the ecosystem orchestration engines is the main key to success. We need to create governance models where that have clear guidelines and that the agents are recognized identify and may indicate the need to address challenges of ecosystem.

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Piqué also believes that the key elements in the ecosystem are: prototipação, diverse talents (interdisciplinary and international), smart specialization, sophisticated demand, corporate venturing!

To close, President of ANPROTEC – Jorge Audy made the closing remarks and passed the baton to 27th Conference to be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2017. The UFRJ Technology Park is an invitation to everyone to come to the city and participate in the event! Confira!


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