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Company electric vehicle reveals how keeps innovation in business

Become an innovative entrepreneur is the search for the moment. Eyeing the high technology developments and market opportunities that run the internet on big data speed, many people dream of emplacar with a business model Disruptive, Intelligent and security to meet the future market.

In his speech it seems easier, but there are entrepreneurs developing this business profile closer than we think. In the month and October, mechanical engineer and Mahatma Marostica, graduate of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, He used the case of your company's electric vehicles, the Mobilis , to show undergraduate Materials Engineering at UFSC, in CYCLE ROUTE, Creating an innovative company. is no formula or manual, is a lot of research, planning and applied knowledge.

In class the Department of Engineering and Knowledge Management (EGC), Mahatma stressed that an innovative company, nowadays, You must be born with dedicated to the knowledge intensive activities and the changes.

"In the case of Mobilis, we begin to think of a more humane and sustainable mobility based on a technology that could still be considered embryonic, the electric vehicle, but it is irreversible. The decision to invest in a business for innovation need to consider this critical point, so do not bet on passing trends. There are manufacturers who have time to start producing only electric or hybrid vehicles, under pressure from governments and society and seeking greater sustainability. This, portanto, It is an irreversible trend ".

The electric vehicle chassis developed by Mobilis in prototype assembly lab, which is the Creative City Whitestone, em Palhoça, It differs from conventional golf carts, por exemplo, ergonomics, the design aimed to use and applied security.

The model has been tested and should be on the market in January 2017, adaptable to use with body industries, hotels, amusement parks, condominiums and public security sectors. Commercialization will begin with non-approved vehicles, those who do not need a license plate. But this is only the first step to start generating revenue.

"The vehicle is being developed with all waits and more modular as possible to become a utility and take to the streets, with various features and based on internet of things. We need to plan everything before, in steps, to avoid having to redesign the entire vehicle in future phases. We have learned what a great prototype can not be a great product. Each test phase, We make new discoveries and improvements. "

The Mobilis has a multidisciplinary team, involving engineers, administrators, designers, and other professionals who contribute with different views on product design. An office maintained in the vicinity of UFSC help the company attract talent. as an entrepreneur, the Mahatma's view is that an innovative company is multifunctional.

"I see now more success in companies that are medium in everything they do than the very companies specialized in one thing. I mean that companies need to know how to deal with a number of fronts and challenges. "

The entrepreneur says that companies that are to be innovative are always trying to validate your business and product, which is part of the entire marketing strategy. before it, however, companies with knowledge intensive activities need to see market information more weight and look critical.

"The entrepreneur who is working in research and development should not totally rely on metrics. I explain: often your company creates metrics that only validate what you want to believe. Metrics can help you build an argument while not represent a reality of your market or your company. The average is never a good reference. The entrepreneur needs to investigate, to plan, know your niche, instead of trying to predict things just from statistics ".

Mahatma integrates the direction of Mobilis next to the also mechanical engineer Thiago Hoeltgebaum and electrical engineer Paul Bosquieiro Zanetti. Learn more about the company's innovative project in the first edition of VIA Magazine .

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Sicilia Vechi

Master's Degree in Media and Knowledge at the Graduate Program in Engineering and Knowledge Management (EGC/UFSC).