Inovacao Em Ritmo De Carnaval

Innovation in carnival atmosphere

In climate carnivalesque, Sunday night (26) the Sambadrome Anhembi, in São Paulo was marked by much merrymaking and unforgettable attractions!

Porém, with an innovative look, VIA we could not fail to highlight the emphasis that was given to the concept of public transport Curitiba by Nene de Vila Matilde school. The plot of the Nene brought the city of Curitiba as an example of Brazilian city, and no doubt, the modernity of Curitiba transport system is considered a world reference.

Curitiba It is known worldwide for having one of the most replicated high-capacity transport systems around the world, the city has a modern airport and able to absorb the luxury that the growing economic activity demand. Besides, latest technology of railroads linking the city with São Paulo and other capitals. It has an intermodal transport system fast and efficient, where a modern BRT model (Bus Rapid Transit), constantly evolving and connected to underground lines, It is its main protagonist, which has contributed to fewer are used private vehicles for locomotion in the city. With the great expansion of bike lanes, the population joined the bicycle as a transport option, redesigning the city's profile.

moreover, Curitiba project 2030 It is intended to position the capital, as one of the main innovative cities in the world with the potential to attract and develop people, companies and investments focused on innovation and being a model for other cities in the state. It is already a model for Colombians who used the city as a model for the implementation of public transport.

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