Urban Traces

Urban Traces is a movement that seeks the rehabilitation of public spaces of Florianópolis through actions that aim at improving the urban culture of the city and the quality of life of the its population. This movement is based on the potential for voluntary contribution of its multidisciplinary members , through professional specificity and through the action of each citizen, being open for participation to all. Collaboratively, these citizens, concerned with urban issues, structure themselves parting from proposals that consider the characteristic of a certain location, for a more human city. Learn more on the website of the project!

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Movimento Traços Urbanos

Urban Traces Movement

O nosso compromisso nesse feriado (15/11) foi juntamente com o Movimento Traços Urbanos e Centro…

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Oficina Traços Urbanos No Centro Sapiens

Oficina Traços Urbanos no Centro Sapiens

Com proposta voltada a revitalização do espaço, o movimento Traços Urbanos é um movimento gerado por…

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