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In our visit to São Paulo could not miss some innovation habitats present in the city and our first stop was in an innovative environment that has six floors, five thousand square meters and space for 50 empresas: o CUBO coworking!

The Cube is a non-profit association to promote the technology entrepreneurship, which provides an inspiring space for connecting ideas and people willing to transform business, technology and people's lives for the better! The idea is to enable various events and meetings, as workshops, speeches, hackathons, classes, training and networking to leverage creativity, collaborative culture, maker attitude and the entrepreneurial spirit of those participating. In addition to promoting the connection between entrepreneurs, mentors, investidores, universities and corporations for business, ideas and initiatives arising, thrive and reveal a new generation of entrepreneurs and startups.

In a statement provided by the virtual page EXAME, the entrepreneur and project director Flávio Pripas reports that "In this market of startups and entrepreneurship is very impressive when you put several interesting people in a room and how it creates value. And that's exactly what we want to deliver the initiative: connect, inspire and educate people”.

Check out more information portraying this gravitational center of innovation:

See Maria Julia Azambuja Lecture held on the 1st Circuit Creative Economy Florianópolis – do Sapiens Center.

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