Characteristics to develop a future business

UFSC received Samuel Simões to talk about entrepreneurship and innovation. In Simões vision, every entrepreneur entrepreneur has to develop its identity, personal and professional (defined person) and, thereafter, to give the first step. Thus has listed 5 características which in his view it is essential to develop a future business:

  • Plug-se! Search partnership to improve skills, be positive when talking about their business;
  • Communicate clearly! define goals (planning , strategy) and having to communicate skills. Not always what you say is the same thing as the other understands. Talk at the right time and get content domain;
  • Add value! Create relationships is a differential, learn to be a partner and add value
  • Differentiate-se! What differentiates you from others (providing the same service you) It is the quality that you cling to detail;
  • impact! Innovation is the hallmark of something that makes you different, aiming to improve with impact. So there is no entrepreneurial innovation because innovation is a process.
  • Report-se! Use different databases. Among them the National Institute of Industrial Property. This can be a competitive advantage for your company.
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