Coworking Orion

New Coworking in Lages in the Innovation Center

Orion Park Coworking offers room for shared use of companies and self-employed professionals

a Coworking It can be described as a working model or a working environment that aims to unite professionals to exchange ideas, sharing ideas or projects, creating networking and / or collaboration.

The idea is already so widespread, that according to studies, more than 4000 Coworkings operating the world, and it is estimated that only in Brazil, there are more than 100 offices adopting this methodology.

That way, liberal and independent professionals seek places like Coworking to develop their designs without isolation of a home office. Allowing partnerships to be closed and friendships can be created.

The benefits of a Coworking They tend to be Networking, Collaboration, Partnership, conviviality Social, Friendships and the money is much higher compared to rent a commercial area.

And to be part of this universe increasingly innovative and collaborative, o Innovation Center of Orion ParkHe built his own Coworking!

that's it, o Coworking of Orion Park Innovation Center is designed to meet all the requirements that a Coworking must have: a totally different environment and designed to create new ventures!

Our Coworking It allows the user to make calls, use the internet and have time to yourself in the comfort of an armchair, drinking coffee!

So be sure to visit the space Orion Park has in store for you!


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