Law brings new protection angel investment for startups

Check out the new rules of the Simple Complementary Law that brings new incentives to the Brazilian angel investment by increasing the investor protection.

The presidential approval of Complementary Law that changes the rules of the special tax regime of the National Simple and provides protection for the angel investor came to improve Brazil's innovation entrepreneurship ecosystem.

To her, in Articles 61a, 61-B, 61-C and 61-D sets angel investment structure and legal certainty for this type of capital increase. Physical and legal entities may make capital contributions, but will not be considered members, without participation in the management or vote in the company's management. The advantage is that these investors will not be liable for any debt of the company, including bankruptcy. The capital will have to be invested in the company by, no minimum, two years, and no maximum, for seven years.

This is a positive response to one of the greatest difficulties encountered by angel investors, that, to invest in start-ups, They run a high risk of loss of invested capital, but they can not run an additional risk of being penalized by legal personality disregard events. Besides, the law allows the existence of tax incentives to this activity, as occurs worldwide, as the Angel Investment helps creation and increases the chances of success of innovative companies, which are one of the best sources for developing countries.

Another benefit of law for entrepreneurs is not the declassification of companies receiving this contribution the National Simple, as was previously, or set up investment as taxable income.
Cassio Spina, founder and president of Angels of Brazil, He says "This law addresses one of the main obstacles to the growth of angel investment in startups, providing legal certainty for investors and thus enabling the increase in the volume of capital available for start-ups "and highlights the importance of collaboration of the participating entities of the ecosystem to the approval of Law. This project has the fundamental support from Sebrae, particularly its president Guilherme Afif Domingos, and MDIC (Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services), beyond ABVCAP (Brazilian Association of Private Equity and Venture Capital), the ABRAII (Brazilian Association of Innovation and Investment Accelerator Companies), Anprotec (Associação Nacional de Entidades Promotoras de Empreendimentos Inovadores), do Conaje (National Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs) and Dynamo (joint motion for Public Policy).

The design of this law was fundamental contribution of Congressman Otavio Leite (PSDB-RJ), member of the Parliamentary Front of Micro and Small Enterprise and author of the amendment that creates the figure of the angel investor, highlighting "This will allow the expansion of the supply of capital for entrepreneurs linked to Brazilian startups. With this sanction, we take an important step in that startups have access to resources, the funding and can focus on experiments and innovations that generate new products. Strengthens the new market, ensuring legal certainty for these partnerships ".

About Angels Brazil
“Brazil's Angels is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote angel investment culture in Brazil. Sharing experience and knowledge with investors and entrepreneurs, the organization creates a network of relationships with high potential impact on financial support and intellectual”.

Fonte: http://www.anjosdobrasil.net/

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