Know your entrepreneurial profile?

In the wave of planning and setting goals that this experience to know better to know your capabilities to undertake in 2017?

A #dicadaVIA today will for you to discover your entrepreneurial profile!

A ENDEAVOR, who has been working the profile of Brazilian entrepreneur, It provides on its website a free test you can do online!

Perfil do empreendedor 2

In a digital tool, to fill 5 minutes about questions from situations of everyday life, you discover what your entrepreneurial profile!

–> then
–> My way
–> situationist
–> In search of million
–> Heir
–> Idealista
Just log aqui to find your profile and maybe even work to undertake.

ENDEAVOR also provides the document on the entrepreneurial culture in Brazil! The study sought:

  • generate relevant knowledge about the image of the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship
  • identify the profiles of Brazilian entrepreneurs and their characteristics

In three chapters were covered: 1) entrepreneurship in Brazil, 2) the entrepreneurial dimensions, 3) detailing the profiles!

On here you have access to the document in full!! According to the research in Brazil there is a favorable climate for entrepreneurship and a positive vision of the entrepreneur! So take advantage and vin together in the movement for entrepreneurship. VIA is one of the leaders Global Entrepreneurship Network – Florianópolis!






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