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Third Day Hackathon #DesenvolveSC,pt!

The third and last day of the event Hackathon He started with the lecture "Pitch Deck", in which Benyamin Fard – enthusiast in entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability addressed the ideal concept to present a pitch. For an attractive pitch, Beny recommended demonstrate mastery, use images that refer to developed solution, avoid texts and follow the Golden Rule: font size 30, 20 seconds per slide and use 10 blades.

After an afternoon filled with great effort and dedication on the part of the teams that had the privilege to make use of relevant guidelines and notes of mentors involved in the event, He began the show of pitches that had the presence of jurors: Luiz Antonio Costa Silva (President of CIASC), Moacir Marafon (former employee of CIASC and founding partner of Softplan), Rafael Araujo (Technical Director TecSolution), Rogerio Lacerda (professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina) and Américo Mateus (Professor of Creative University of Portugal and entrepreneur – logs – Give U Design Art, INNOKINETICS e IDEASREVOLUTION).

The teams presented proposals:

  • Insite Innovation: application that connects the citizen with the DMV to solve problems such as payment of property taxes and fines.
  • O.S Deaf: direct communication channel between the fire department and deaf, This application aims to facilitate the hearing impaired contact when there is need for the fire service.
  • Rocket: application that bridges the gap between citizens who encounter problems on public roads with bodies.
  • Mané Market Vendor: fairs mapping, organic farmers and community fairs. Informs users of the harmful effects of pesticides.
  • Marjores: application that offers hospitals database and information about these to help citizens.
  • Polar: system where you can scan invoices that establishments issue in exchange for benefits, using the QR Code technology.
  • SC Go: application that allows the interaction of citizens with the government on the question of public works.
  • Consultation-e: support platform to the citizen through a virtual chat provides information and data on many of the public sector.
  • Fitocon: application to generate value for the small farmer, through information on pesticides and proper usage.
  • Gedai: informs the location of the waste disposed of improperly to remove the responsible body.


While everyone was expecting the result, in addition to the dynamic undertaken by Thiago Marafon and Benyamin Fard to relax, Jardel Weyrich presented his talk on "Software Development" and Moacir Marafon finished the event with the theme "Challenge of Public Management".

The winning teams of the first edition of the Hackathon were Hack Soft, second place went to the Polar and the third with the team Mané Market Vendor. The event also made honorable mention to the team Consultation-e. All produced applications that somehow connect the Santa Catarina citizens to the government and received awards of R $ 5.000,00, Digital courses Results and free space to work in Co-Creation Lab, on Sapiens Center.

Diante do sucesso do evento, mentors and organizers are already planning the 2nd Hackathon # DesenvolveSC! Wait!




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