Co-creation Lab

O Co-creation Lab is the Sapiens Center's pre-incubator of ideas. A co-working space for entrepreneurs in Creative Economy that will have a public call announcement open every semester. From the edict the selected projects will be in the areas of technology , design, art, tourism and gastronomy, evaluated on a defined criteria and scored by a commission. The Co-creation Lab has already assisted ten projects selected in its first public announcement..

CoCreation Lab Faz 4 Meses :)

CoCreation Lab makes 4 meses 🙂

Aligned in a worldwide movement, as occurred in cities like Medellin and Barcelona, a novidade…

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Aberto Edital Do Cocreation Lab Para Ideias Da Economia Criativa!

Aberto edital do Cocreation Lab para ideias da economia criativa!

O novo edital do Cocreation Lab está no ar para os empreendedores que queiram movimentar…

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Cocreation Lab Do Centro Sapiens Recebe Imprensa Para Lançamento De Edital

Cocreation Lab do Centro Sapiens recebe imprensa para lançamento de edital

O lançamento do segundo edital de seleção de projeto para o Cocreation Lab do Centro…

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